Are you taking the right and actionable steps towards a better Career Practice or your dream Job?

Did you know that according to PewResearch 63% of workers quit their jobs due to low pay  while other 63% cited limited opportunities for advancement as the main reason for them to quit.

Still based on the same study, 57% employees resigned due to disrespectful workplaces.


This information should not be blown out of context as an incitement for you to quit your current job.

As such, it should trigger actions and steps towards a better and fulfilling career.  

We know you might be thinking.

“Another tedious job search process again!”

Well; here is the deal.

Take 2 professionals (you and your colleague or hypothetically Mary)

Same career/profession, the same area of specialization, both of you have a relatively similar education qualification

Further, you all have career dreams and aspirations that reflect a better and fulfilled tomorrow.

Even though you might not be having a well-defined plan/ career path you believe that someday you will all land a perfect job and get to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Consequently, you try to search for better jobs both online and offline.

But to a larger extent, this process is time-consuming, tedious, and cannot be done consistently since you also have to work on other daily obligations.

Furthermore, you need time to bond with family and friends; and practice your hobbies

On the other hand;

Mary understands the pain that comes with the entire process.

Consequently, she has hired a professional reverse recruiter (GTResume) to handle all the job search and application processes for her.

All she has to do is approve jobs and step in when necessary.

Long story short;

She gets to enjoy more time with family, and friends, study for personal/career improvement, and all other important things while at the same time taking actionable steps toward her dream and a better job.

On the other hand; you spend 1000s of hours job searching, customizing resumes and cover letters, filling multiple job applications, and networking.

Surprisingly, you are unable to maintain the required level of consistency while in the same process you find yourself avoiding other important priorities.

The bottom line is;

You are both working towards that dream or better job/ career fulfillment but one of you is taking a SMART and time-saving approach that is not only consistent but also reliable.

Truth be told:

To Mary, this is a worthy investment.

In fact, it helps her find a fast track to a fulfilling career.

While on the other hand, you are still in a slow process of searching on your own.

Sounds Interesting!

In a nutshell; you need to change your approach Immediately

Hire Our Job Search and Application Experts and We will professionally manage the entire process on your behalf.

Here’s What We Offer

Seamless Job Search Process (Autopilot): Our job search and application experts will search for jobs that meet your preferences and qualifications.

Collaborative Job Selection Process: after searching for relevant jobs, we will let you approve them before we navigate to the job application process.

Discounted Job Application Document Creation/ Revamp: we will work on your resume, cover letter, and optimize your LinkedIn profile in a way that matches your selected job requirements{NB: You will need to select a resume package and use the personalized code for discounts}.

Job Application (optional): we will apply for the respective job posts on your behalf. NB: this service is optional and only applicable to online job applications.

Interview Preparation: once you are invited for an interview we will provide crucial information/coaching resources on critical factors relating to similar interviews that you should know. Just to help you ace the interview process.

Why We Are The Best Reverse Recruiting Service Provider!

Our reverse recruiting process ensures that the entire process is timely, reliable, and dependable. 

We align the reverse recruiting efforts to short- and long-term career goals.

We uphold unquestionable levels of security especially when it comes to handling customer information and privacy. 


Our services give you an edge, especially when consistently tapping into the power of online professional networking.

Our services help you build an exceptional professional profile that connects you to multiple opportunities globally.

We provide quality services that will differentiate you from others even if you are in the same industry.

Packages and Prices (Billed Monthly/ Yearly)










How It Works (3 Simple Steps)


Step 1

Select your best package and place an order.
Complete the survey (include correct information)
You can also upload additional documents with the survey form.
One of our career experts/ consultants with contact you via email/phone call.


Step 2

Depending with you profession, we might ask you to fill out another form that will provide more details. We will then proceed with the job search process , send you the job details consistently based on your package features.


Step 3

Our support team will hold your hand throughout the process of selecting, applying, and interview. We will also send you career-based newsletters and reports.

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John Michael
John Michael
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Thank you for saving my time. I can now concentrate on my daily job while you guys help me in improving my career journey
Catherine Kinawa
Catherine Kinawa
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I never knew LinkedIn was such a powerful tool. But thank you for all the services that you have offered. I have submitted my applications and I hope for the best. Thank you.
Melinda Knowles
Melinda Knowles
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Sorry I commented late...I have been busy but... am so grateful for the services that you offer. I have sent further information.... just to help you customize my job opportunity details. cheers!
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I appreciate the way you handled my issue. I have also recommended my friends and colleagues .. looking forward to hearing from you soon. good day ahead guys.
Conrad Owen
Conrad Owen
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I did not like the way the support team handled my request. It took 5 hours for me to get a response.... that why i had to submit this rating ...please address such delays. However, the services were superb.
Sawitie Chin
Sawitie Chin
Read More
Your are the best when it comes to LinkedIn services and other job documents. I do not need to struggle trying to fix them but your help comes in handy. Thank you anyways


Here’s the Truth;

We have dedicated intensive research and testing to our reverse recruiting services and even consulted with some of the BEST Career EXPERTS and Strategists to ensure that what we offer is nothing but the BEST.

This is our purpose. And we focus on achieving it in everything that we do.

If at any point you might feel that our services are not valuable, you are FREE to cancel the subscription. Simple Process! No Questions Asked! No Penalties!
No Hidden Charges… and at the end of the day, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes. Contact Us Via email, Instagram, and Twitter, and let us craft for you a competitive offer.

Yes. Based on your preference we will handpick remote jobs for you and send them to your inbox for approval.

Immediately after placing your order and filling the required forms the process begins. 

We have taken our time to develop sophisticated systems and processes that ensure that all our client details and information is safe from being mishandled, breeches, or being used for any other unintended purpose. Furthermore, we do not sell information about our past, current, and even future customers.

All our services are charged in American Dollars (USD).We can also reward you with a 2-month FREE offer when you pay annually.