You are currently viewing Common Resume Writing Mistakes: 5 Popular Ones Among Job Applicants (& Solutions on How To Avoid Them) + BONUS TIP.

Common Resume Writing Mistakes: 5 Popular Ones Among Job Applicants (& Solutions on How To Avoid Them) + BONUS TIP.

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Did you know that 70 percent of resumes get rejected after being submitted by qualified job applicants due to hard-to-notice common resume writing mistakes such as the one for ATS?

Well… with the new world of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), most job applicants’ resumes fail to meet the expected threshold that can guarantee them effective screening or scanning by the ATS systems.

But why should you qualify for a job position but fail because of your resume?

The bottom line is… most applicants prefer using cheaper means to write their resumes.

For instance, individuals may prefer to;

  • Order cheaper resume writing services online or locally
  • Download a FREE or cheaper resume template and fill it

Whereas these approaches might be ‘okay’ and ‘less expensive.’ It can cost you more than you intended.


In this article, I will share with you 5 common resume writing mistakes that individuals who opt for the aforementioned approach and generally job applicants face and tips on avoiding them.

In brief, the mistakes comprise:

  1. Format, Content, & General Order of Professional Information
  2. Lengthy or Wordy Phrases
  3. Too Much Personal Information
  4. Presentation of Professional Objectives
  5. False Information Especially on Responsibilities

Mistake 1: Format, Content, & General Order of Professional Information


Most Job Applicants opt for freely available templates or search for ‘Cheap’ resume writing services online. Even though this can be an appealing strategy, it comes with risks in terms of formatting, content, and the general order of professional information.

In brief, the common issues associated with this type of mistake comprise;

  • Issues with the definitive impression that the resume will generate
  • Issues with what appears first and the most prominent information on the resume
  • Resume identity including particular information such as email address, phone number, & mailing address
  • Mistakes in the inclusion of objective statement/ qualification summary
  • Presentation of educational information, dates, & headlines

Solution: Placing your career or professional information in a way that appeals to your recruiters or potential employer necessitates the precise and diligent crafting of your resume. In this regard, you can research guides for resume writing or hire a professional service provider to help you write a professionally formatted and ATS-friendly resume.

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Mistake 2: Lengthy or Wordy Phrases


Most applicants, including you, will be tempted to provide more information, especially when listing their technical skills. For instance, you might be tempted to use the phrase “I know how to electronically complete different ERP tasks.”


Whereas this information might be accurate, it is wordy and vague.

In this regard, you can indicate that “I can confidently accomplish a set of ERP system tasks including Patient registration, data integration and analysis, reporting, and tracking.”

Alternatively, you can list the tasks in a summarized and optimized manner.

Mistake 3: Too Much Personal Information


When it comes to presenting personal information, you can be tempted to impress your recruiter by providing too much personal information. For instance, in your list of accomplishments, you can indicate that “I managed to buy my first car while in college.”

Even though this might be an accomplishment depending on the perceived dimension, it fails to communicate specific strengths that your potential employer or recruiter wants.

Solution: ensure that your personal information is centered on the job requirements (roles and responsibilities). 

Mistake 4: Presentation of Professional Objectives

One of the common resume writing mistakes involves the usage of a traditional approach for describing or presenting professional objectives.

For instance, if you are applying for a graphic designer position, you can be tempted to describe/ present your professional objective as “To successfully secure a graphic designer position in a work area that meets my commuting needs.”

Even though such a statement can be factual (depending on your current situation), it fails to reveal or highlight what makes you an ideal candidate for the specific position.

Solution: Always ensure that the professional objectives that you are presenting on your resume communicate the value that you can bring to the company/ business (potential employer).

Mistake 5: False Information Especially on Responsibilities


‘Honesty is the best policy’ can be an old saying but is also applicable in job applications, both in resumes and cover letters.

It is easier to present false information on your resume or cover letter, especially when copying different resumes related to the specific post you are applying for.

If copying relatable resumes is your only or preferred option, make sure that you cross-check different sections, including the responsibility section, and ensure that it matches your personal information.

Solution: Always be honest when listing your responsibilities and your entire resume.

BONUS TIP: Avoid listing affiliations that have nothing to do with the job or the industry of specialization

Job applicants are usually tempted to include additional information thinking that such a move will make them competitive. However, this is not only one of the common resume mistakes but also a risk especially when it comes to the ATS scan.

It is important to first evaluate whether the information relates to the job or your industry.

NOTE: Opting for the easiest way of writing your resume can be the genesis of different and common resume writing mistakes. Always ensure that you avoid the abovementioned mistakes.

Given the information that I have shared in this article, what are your thoughts on resume writing mistakes? Do you think there is additional information that we should include in this list? Feel free to share, comment, or contact us.

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