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How To Write The Best Resignation Letter: Your Ultimate Guide + Example, Benefits, & 3 Common Mistakes (Revealed)

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Are you thinking of quitting your job? … then coming up with the best resignation letter will serve as a prudent approach for notifying your current employer about your resignation.

With the modern-day need for better workplace environments that come with a wholesome package of benefits, you are likely to spend more time and effort creating that ultimate resume and cover letter for your ideal job or position.

What happens when it’s time to make that move and resign from your current workplace?

Embarking on a change of direction from your current workplace can elicit fear and sometimes panic reactions. Fortunately, this article presents all the crucial insights and information you need to know before and when writing a resignation letter.


In this article, we will explore:

Contents of A Professional Resignation Letter.
• Example of Best Resignation Letter
• Benefits of A Resignation Letter
• 3 Common Mistakes Professionals Make When Writing Resignation Letters

Contents of A Professional Resignation Letter

We suggest that the best resignation letter should follow the order of contents below:

  1. Formal Letterhead {containing your contact information, date, and the recipient’s name/office, and address of the company/facility}
  2. Official Introduction
  3. Declaration of Resignation {include your title and last day}
  4. Reason for your resignation {optional}
  5. Present an Offer to Assist with the position-transitioning process
  6. Expression of Gratitude
  7. Conclude briefly
  8. Write your name and signature

Here is an exquisite sample of an ethical and unique letter:

Example of the Best Resignation Letter


Benefits of A Resignation Letter

Writing this type of Letter in advance comes with myriad benefits.

Here is the bottom line! There is no need to try and master the long list of benefits, whereas others are just a compliment or repetition of the other.

In this section, we would like to save you time by listing out only the 5 common benefits;

Benefit 1: Maintains a Positive Relationship with the Immediate/Old Employer


Writing a professional and ethical letter helps maintain a positive relationship with your immediate or old employer, thus maintaining a lasting connection that could lead to better opportunities in the future.

Benefit 2: Provides an Opportunity for Networking


To a more significant extent, networking occurs not just in formal events such as conferences and trade fairs; it happens every day. In this regard, an ethical letter will maintain effective ties with your former colleagues and thus help in growing a robust network that will boost your career in the future.

Benefit 3: The Letter Helps in Overcoming Resignation Fears


Resigning for the first time can be daunting, especially if you are changing jobs. In such a situation, you are moving for the benefit of your career and not because you don’t like your employer/boss.

In this perspective, coming up with the best resignation letter helps overcome the fears by clarifying your reason for resigning.

Benefit 4: The resignation Letter represents formal documentation that keeps the HR organized.


Even with the modern-day technology whereby individuals can resign using other forms of communication such as video calls and text messages, a Resignation letter still stands out as traditional but formal documentation for notifying your company about your resignation.

Benefit 5: Resignation Letter Makes the Resignation Process Easier


The resignation process is associated with activities such as collecting referencing details like the last day of reporting and personal information. The resignation letter contains this information and thus makes it easier to facilitate the transition process.

3 Common Mistakes Professionals Make When Writing Resignation Letters

When writing a resignation letter, you are vulnerable to different mistakes, especially when doing it for the first time.

If you can hire an expert to work on your resume, cover letter, and resignation letter, well and good…but if you intend to write the letter on your own, then you should avoid these 3 common mistakes;

Mistake 1: Wordy/ Lengthy Explanation of Your Resignation

From our investigation of different resignation letters submitted to us for critiquing, we discovered that most job applicants try to give lengthy explanations of their reasons for departure.

However, a resignation letter should not encompass all the details regarding your resignation. In fact, it needs to be short and sweet!

Mistake 2: Including Negative Information Regarding Your Current Employer/ Colleagues

In some situations, your current workplace might have several disadvantages, or at some point, you might have disagreed with your current employer. Don’t project your grudges or pinpoint your dislikes but highlight positive aspects of the workplace.

This approach will make you earn respect and open up more opportunities for networking as well as professional growth.

Mistake 3: Criticizing Your Colleagues

Sometimes criticism can be significant, especially when aligned with a positive course. However, in the case of a resignation letter, criticizing your boss or colleagues is uncalled for; you should instead focus on yourself regardless of the fact that your colleague or employer’s behavior might have contributed to your resignation.

REMEMBER: When quitting your job or simply resigning, ensure that you leave on Good Terms. Here is a video that we believe will help you do so.

All Said and done, we believe that we have covered crucial information on how to write the best resignation letter, provided an example, highlighted its benefits, and explained the common mistakes that individuals make when drafting the letter.

Share your thoughts regarding the information… was it helpful? Is there anything that we left out? Please Comment and Share.

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