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LinkedIn Profile Optimization: The Top-Bottom Technique(Optimize Your Profile Now) + 2 BONUS Tips

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Successful job applicants or current-day professionals apply a simple but unique approach to their LinkedIn profile optimization process.

First, they identify ideal changes that they should implement on their profiles.

And then go ahead and maximize all the optimization opportunities based on these changes.

So, here’s what you didn’t know;

LinkedIn profile optimization is a consistent and not a one-time process.


The top part of your LinkedIn profile is the most crucial area when it comes to your profile presentation.

It is where recruiters and employers spend most of their time identifying their ideal candidates.


In this guide, we will hold your hand and take you through a step-by-step process of optimizing your LinkedIn profile using the Top-Bottom Technique.

We will cover:

Without further ado, let’s dive in;

Linked Profile Analysis (Quick LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips)

Whether you are starting your career or at the peak of your career, we believe that ‘You have a story.’

And your LinkedIn profile helps you bring this story to life!

Besides, your LinkedIn profile gives you the perfect exposure to opportunities, recognition, and credibility.

For this reason, you need to always build an optimized LinkedIn profile. This profile should tell your career story in an exciting and Recruiter-Centric manner.

If you want to showcase your brand and tell your story via your LinkedIn profile, then you are at the right place.

Just keep reading.

Please Note: Your LinkedIn profile represents you professionally. In this regard, it is always important to update it often.


Quick Tips

Tip 1: Write your profile in the first-person narrative.

Simply put, you should “own your story” using this narrative.

Tip 2: Use short and concise paragraphs.

Your paragraphs should directly highlight your expertise, work, and impact.

Tip 3: Only use bullet points to emphasize your accomplishments, skills, and results.

This approach makes it easier for recruiters to scan your profile.

Tip 4: Optimize your visibility settings.

This tip helps you control who views your profile.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Picture, Headlines, and Industry Details

Professionals who experience success with LinkedIn do two things differently.

First, they take time to learn and understand primary LinkedIn profile optimization techniques.

Secondly, they consistently apply these techniques in optimizing their LinkedIn profile.

In this section, we will help you rock your profile using a step-by-step approach.

If this is what you have been looking for, then just keep reading.

Using the top-bottom technique, let’s begin with:

LinkedIn Profile Optimization(Photograph)

Example of a LinkedIn Profile Image (Source: LinkedIn Learning)

Here is what you should know;

Your profile picture needs not to be professionally done. However, it should have good lighting and portray you as someone approachable.


By being approachable, we mean that you should look like someone that a recruiter or anyone interested in knowing you can easily reach out to.

Of course, don’t be serious…smile!

Please Note;

Having a profile photo increases the chances for people to reach out and connect with you professionally.

Name Pronunciation

At some point during professional and unprofessional interactions, you’ve probably had one or even several times that someone has mispronounced your name.

LinkedIn also understood this challenge, and in 2020 they came up with a pronunciation feature that lets you create a short and timed recording of how your name should be pronounced and upload it on your LinkedIn profile.

This makes it easier for your profile visitors to just click and learn to pronounce your name correctly.

This is what you should understand about the feature.

It can only be added to your LinkedIn via the mobile application.

Also, you can adjust the visibility of the pronunciation by choosing who should listen to your name pronunciation.

Name Pronunciation Essential Tips

  • Your recording should be at most 10 sec long
  • Avoid background noise when recording
  • Be audible and eloquent
  • For the best results, hold your phone 4 inches away from your mouth


Example of an optimized linkedIn profile headline (Source: LinkedIn Learning)

Your LinkedIn headline plays two significant roles

First, it represents your brand.

Second, it differentiates you from the rest.

In most cases, your headline is the first thing people see alongside your profile picture.

This is the truth about headlines; they are critical

Here’s why;

Recruiters search for eligible candidates on LinkedIn using keywords. During the process, the system looks at each profile and tries to find people with a higher number of related keywords and whether the keywords are on their headlines.

In this regard, having the required keywords in your headline improves the chances of moving up the recruiter’s search results.

The bottom line here is keywords play a major role even in Job Application Documents such as the resume and Cover Letters (for more information click here).

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You might think to yourself;

So how do I optimize my headline?

Well, here’s the deal;

You have to take time to do your homework very well, especially for starters.

Based on our long-term experience in LinkedIn Profile Optimization services, we usually recommend that you follow our 3-step approach for creating a custom headline.

  1. Identify the industry keywords that would make it easier for you to be discovered by recruiters or your LinkedIn professional community. E.g., digital marketer, program manager, etc.
  2. Pinpoint your exact role. E.g., strategy manager, investor, sales agent, etc.

Note: Use your headline to make it easier to highlight your role.

3. Highlight skills that are unique to you.

Note: Highlight the typical skill set that a potential recruiter might be looking for when it comes to your expertise


You can find crucial information that can be included in the headline in your endorsement section (at the bottom section of your LinkedIn profile) as shown below.

Example of the linkedIn Endorsement Section (Source: LinkedIn Learning)

Find the top 5 or 6 skill sets that you can leverage in your next career (stick to the ones that you know are in demand, have more value, and would perfectly fit in your headline).

Detailed and Actionable Techniques of Writing and Optimizing Your Profile Summary

Profile summary example (Source: LinkedIn Learning)

When it comes to your profile summary, we usually emphasize that it should be perceived as an elevator pitch.

In this regard, we recommend that you should ensure that:

  • It introduces you.
  • Reveals your mission, fundamental skills, motivation, and experience.
  • It features crucial words that are relevant to your industry
  • It should showcase your career aspirations and accomplishments

To cut a long story short;

Your summary should just be short and engaging with the relevant keywords.

Recruiters don’t have time for a long epic story.

Nonetheless, ensure that your keywords are well distributed to guarantee optimal search results regarding keyword density.

Quick Tips To Consider When Writing a Summary

Tip One: Use at least 45 words to describe you.

Tip Two: Adopt a 1st person narrative

Tip Three: Add some rich media such as videos, photos, presentations, or website links that help bring your career story to life.

How to Write a Recruiter-Centered Experience Section

Example of a LinkedIn Profile Optimized experience section (Source LinkedIn Learning)

In this section, we wouldn’t repeat information that other so-called ‘LinkedIn gurus’ say.

Here is the deal:

Always ensure that you update your current work experience.

Updating your work experience translates to 8X more views, 5X more connection requests, and up to 10X more messages that link you to more opportunities on LinkedIn.

Needless to say, always speak in the 1st person’s narrative.

Also, use short and concise paragraphs in a story format.

Work History

Example of a work history section (Source: LinkedIn Learning)

Your work history and resume should mimic each other.

The truth is:

Recruiters are going to look at both documents. Consequently, they can be confused when identifying any discrepancies in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Your titles should be accurate.

As for your accomplishments, just highlight them using bullets.

Keep this in mind:

Recruiters want you to be objective (Give them facts).

NOTE: think about the stats, numbers, and goals, among other critical details that should be in your work history.

Remember, your work history section should be clean and should relate to your key skill sets.

Additional Sections (certifications, Education, Volunteering)

Ensure that in these sections, you have used the correct keywords and consistently tie your words, your value, and your area of specialty in all the segments.

Now Let’s talk about the Endorsement Section

Endorsement Section

Example of linkedIn endorsement section (Source: LinkedIn Learning)

In this section, you should emphasize the skill sets that you want to be identified for by recruiters.

First, think of the top 10 most important skills that you would like to be endorsed for.

“I know you’re now wondering why?”

Here’s the reason:

LinkedIn algorithms are based on keywords and other related factors. In this regard, an individual with 50 endorsements for the Geriatric nurse profession translates to 50 different people endorsing him or her.

From a recruiter’s perspective, such information communicates a very important message.

As such, recruiters get to know that you are active in your network and thus improve your chances of showing up in the search.

This makes it easier for the recruiter to validate you.

Tip: take time to edit your endorsement section and put the most important skill sets at the top.

Following and Groups Section

Example of an Optimized Following Section (Source: LinkedIn Learning)

This is what you should know:

Recruiters are always interested in knowing the experts you are following and the groups you are participating in.

This information is crucial in creating the interview bucket list.

In a nutshell;

The aforementioned LinkedIn Optimization Tips are applicable to individuals who already have LinkedIn profiles. If you do not have one, or you wish to be assisted in creating and optimizing one just contact us


Use Recommendations to Build Credibility

At GTJResume, we understand that recommendations serve as the most effective way of highlighting your skills and accomplishments.

In this regard:

We always emphasize that you should always ask for recommendations using a script or message that has been custom-written to fit your recommendation needs.

Never Underestimate Volunteer Experience

Did you know that most recruiters view volunteer experience as equal to working experience?

Well, we thought you should know.

The truth is

Individuals with volunteer experience receive more views on LinkedIn than those without.

I know you might be asking, “How Can I do that?”

Well, Here’s the deal:

You can add information on projects you volunteered for both within and outside your profession.

Please note:

Your volunteer experience need not be robust as your work experience. 

In summary, this article has comprehensively addressed the topic of LinkedIn Profile Optimization. We took our time to research and summarize the information in a way that would uphold the top-bottom technique while at the same time maintaining the required level of quality and relevance.

We understand that LinkedIn as an online platform is subject to changes and updates that might also necessitate frequent changes to the guide. Feel free to comment, share, and highlight some of these changes as soon as they happen.

Is your LinkedIn Profile ready for the next job opportunity? Contact Us. We will help.


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