GTJResume cordially welcomes you to our official website. One of our primary objectives is to ensure that you have the experience when navigating as well as using our website. It is for this reason that we tend to use cookies.

Cookie Definition

Cookie/s refer to text files that contain small pieces of information that are downloaded to the user’s device whenever one uses a particular website. They are then sent back to the respective website whenever one visits the website, or to any other website that recognizes the specific cookie.

It is important to note that cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. However, they use specific device information such as IP address to the region of the device used to access the internet.

Cookies are pegged with several benefits such as efficient page navigation, aids in remembering user preferences, and improving user experience. Further, cookies can help in improving ad preferences and relevancy based on your interests.

Usage of Cookies as well as browsing data by our company

GTJResume uses information from cookies or simply browsing data to promote features as well as functions that will improve your browsing experience. This information is also utilized in measuring the performance of GTJResume as well as how website visitors navigate around. The only personal and identifiable information collected by cookies on our website consists of:


GTJResume uses this information to uniquely identify website users.

Information on Personal Preferences

This information is utilized in improving user experience by remembering the information relating to website usage.

Information from Third-Party Cookies

This information is used in improving different services by understanding user needs, and preferences and providing the best experience.

Site Visitors and Navigation

The highlighted information is utilized in differentiating between new and regular website users. It also helps in checking pages that the user/s visited.  

Enabling/ Disabling Cookies

Any of our website users can either accept or decline cookies by modifying browser settings. However, disabling cookies will limit users’ ability to interact and enjoy the helpful features of the website.

Commonly used browsers have provisions for controlling cookies that have been saved through browser settings. These cookies consist of necessary cookies, functional cookies, marketing cookies, and analytical cookies.

Functional Cookies

These cookies improve user experience on the website by implementing provisions such as remembering user choices such as language, region, or username. This action enhances site functionality, security, and its ability to achieve the desired degree of personalization. Disabling these cookies will limit the websites’ ability to properly initiate the highlighted services.

Necessary Cookies

They are important to website functioning. In this regard, we cannot switch them off. They are set based on user actions such as setting preferences, filling in different forms, and logging in. Please note that these cookies do not store personal information.  

Marketing Cookies

These cookies aid in specific tasks such as delivering discounts or offering services that are tailored to user needs. They help you save money while at the same time achieving specific career objectives. they are used to guide marketing campaigns, control advertisements, and discover interests.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies help us to improve the user journey while at the same time identifying issues by collecting data and information on website usage as well as overall website performance.