We can confidently assure you;

  • Custom and quality job application documents that will grab potential recruiters’ attention
  • Competitive resume writing services rates that are affordable and  uphold unmatched quality standards
  • Unwavering support for smooth and collaborative service delivery.

About Us


GTJResume (Get That Job) is an established company that deals with sophisticated resume writing services.

We deploy unquestionable and collaborative strategies in coming up with succinctly crafted:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Resignation Letters
  • Thank You Letters/Notes
  • LinkedIn Profiles (optimized)

Besides Resume writing services , we also do Job Search and consultation.

Our services are tailored for business professionals (Marketers, Sales Agents, Accountants, etc.), nurses, Healthcare professionals, and educators.

We are humbled to have a dedicated group of expert writers and editors who are experts in resume writing and related services.

Nonetheless, we have established connections with a bench of professional career experts in different fields.

Our approach towards service delivery is based on the mantra “Go Get That Job (GTJ)”. This means, we  will do our best to guarantee quality resume writing services that qualify for different interview invitations.

Our Company Achivements

We work on short as well as long deadlines. Our customers are hereby advised to always submit all the required information and specify there preferred deadline.

Our Company Strengths

Our Resume Writing Services go beyond the FREELY available information online. We employ unmatched professionalism that based on a step-by-step approach to ensure that your Resume, Cover Letters, & Cv's have the required uniqueness that will grab your recruiters' attention.

What Differentiates Us From Others...

  • We have more than 4 years experience in offering professional resume writing services.
  • Unlike other companies, we specialize in 3 major fields (Nursing & Healthcare, Education, and Business)
  • We are one of the only companies that offers to redo a particular task until it meets the expected standard.
  • We offer 14-day money back guarantee if the customer was not satisfied.
  • We have the most competitive prices on all our services.

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